Professional Grade Tire Repair Products

Who Needs SAFETY SEAL ®?

Safety Seal has a tire repair kit to repair every size tubeless tire-
Easily Quickly Permanently.
While repairing tires is a serious business if you have mechanical skills, are a ‘hands on’ person, and follow our detailed instructions Safety Seal provides you with the tools you will need to effectively repair injuries in all tubeless tires.

Mechanics/Tire Service Professionals

Original Safety Seal “on the wheel” repair and Safety Seal +Plus+ the Liquid Patch (designed for those who prefer an internal repair on a dismounted tire) are professional grade tire repair products. With either product the mechanic or tire service professional is armed with the tools necessary to keep your customer’s tire repaired.


Safety Seal products provide fleet managers with the tools necessary to keep fleet vehicles up and running. Safety Seal kits are available to repair Auto/Light Truck, Large Truck and Heavy Equipment Tires. Tire injury down time is eliminated and maintenance costs are reduced by in-house tire repair.

Ranch and Farm

Tractors, pick-up trucks, Ag equipment, and ATVs all get flat tires. A Safety Seal kit allows for a permanent “on the wheel” repair for all the vehicles that the ranch or farm owner maintains. Down time costs money and why wait for someone to come to your property to repair your equipment’s tires. We have customers who keep a Safety Seal kit in every vehicle they own.


From riding mowers, to the Bob Cats, to mower trailers, to pick-ups; a Safety Seal kit should be an essential piece of equipment for every one in this business. Time is money and no one can afford equipment down time from flat tires. A Safety Seal kit will give your people the tool they need to keep all every vehicle's tires repaired.


Safety Seal Off Road and ATV tire repair kits give the Off Roader the tools needed to keep any Off Road vehicle up and running. ATV kits allow tire repair and re-inflation. Off Road Kits, which have been featured in many Off Road Magazines give the enthusiast a method of repairing injured tires on the trail. Do Not Leave The Pavement Without SAFETYSEAL.

Mining/Construction Off the Road Vehicles

Safety Seal Heavy Equipment Kits provide heavy equipment owners with a unique product designed specifically to repair large injuries in large off-the-road tires. Earth movers, loaders, logging skidder are only a few of the vehicles that are using Safety Seal. These expensive vehicles cannot afford to be laid up by Tire Injury Down Time. No need to wait for a service call to repair these tires. Safety Seal Heavy Equipment Tire Repair Kits is the answer and will pay for itself with one tire injury repair.


Safety Seal offers a full range of Point of Purchase Displays for the retail customer attractively displaying the full range of Safety Seal Tire Repair Kits. Off Road stores, parts stores, tools distributors, ranch/farm suppliers, landscape supplies are a few examples of where Safety Seal can be a hot item on your counter or shelf.