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SAFETY SEAL® supplies Federal, State, and Local governments nation-wide.

  • Safety Seal proudly supplies Safety Seal Kits to the United States Military. Every field vehicle used by our Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has a Safety Seal kit on board.
  • The Department of Homeland Security uses Safety Seal ATV kits to keep their border patrol vehicles up and running.
  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) relies on Safety Seal kits to maintain their disaster relief vehicles.

Additional Government/Military Customers using Safety Seal
Homeland Security; US Border Patrol; FBI Field Agents, Quantico VA; Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, VA (FLETC); US Army; US Navy; DOT Williamsburg, VA; US Marines; DOT Sacramento, CA; US Air Force ;American Red Cross; US Coast Guard; U S Postal Service; Joint Special OPS Command; IRS Austin TX; Dept of Interior; DLA Binghamton, NY; Dept of State; Fresno, CA Metro Flood Control; Dept of Agriculture; City of Peoria, IL ;Dept of Justice; City of St Petersburg, FL; Dept of Land Reclamation; County of Orange, CA ;US Embassy; City of Hazelton, PA; US National Weather Observatory; City of Green Bay, WI; Bureau of Land Management; City of Wichita, KS ;Civil Corps of Engineers; County of Oakland, MI; Smithsonian Institution Ft. Greely Police, AK

Links for government/military customers: