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From the riding mower, to the Bob Cat, to the mower trailer, to the pick-up; a Safety Seal kit should be an essential piece of equipment for everyone in this business. Time is money and no one can afford equipment down time. A Safety Seal kit will give your people the tool they need to keep all every vehicle's tires repaired.

Tractors pick-up trucks, Ag equipment, and ATV all get flat tires. A Safety Seal kits allows for a permanent “on the wheel” repair for all the vehicles that the ranch or farm owner maintains. Down time costs money and why wait for someone to come to your property to repair your equipment’s tires. We have customers who keep a Safety Seal kit in every vehicle they own.

Safety Seal products provide fleet managers with the tools necessary to keep fleet vehicles up and running. Safety Seal kits are available to repair Auto/Light Truck, Large Truck and Heavy Equipment Tires. Tire injury down time is eliminated and maintenance costs are reduced by in-house tire repair.

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